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Eliminate pain while moving well and feeling great without going to a gym

Helping people who are intimidated by the gym and training alone, reduce pain, become healthier & build strength with just two days per week for 30 minutes.

*available at mudgeeraba and hope island


StudioXphys machines are first class and surpass any machine you will find in the Gym. With the combination of this state of the art equipment, we can help you achieve all of your strength, fitness and training goals. These machines are the safest and most effective way to isolate and target specific muscle groups.

How Strength Training Can Help You

Back Pain​

Eliminating and overcoming recent and long term back pain for good, helping you to move with confidence again.

Return to Sport​

Missing the game and letting the team down doesn’t need to be for long. Get back to the game sooner without delay through the StudioX way

Over 50’s​

Losing strength and developing health conditions including chronic pain becomes more common once we are over 50. The reason is typically due to nil activity. Enjoy a quality of life and an independent lifestyle into your retirement with over 50’s strength training the StudioX way.

Weight Loss​

Increasing weight can often lead to the feeling of letting yourself down and an increased likelihood of health problems. Exercise is the most effective way to improve health and well-being and combined with the StudioX way you will be feeling better then ever in no time.

Poor Posture​

Poor posture is a result of certain muscles shortening while others lengthen or become weak. This often leads to pain, injury or other health complications. Improving your posture will allow you to live a good quality of life that is pain free.

Core Strengthening​

Your core is the foundation for the function of your body, without a strong foundation this leaves everything else like your lower back at risk especially during daily activities. Live life without limitations during daily activities by maintaining a strong core.

Dear Friend,

It is never too late to develop the strength and mobility required to move well and feel great on a daily basis.

We know that you are inspired to make a change and take the action required. Maybe you’re frustrated with a past gym membership or past experiences not going the way you would have liked. Or maybe you’ve tried lots of different things and nothing has worked. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We’ve found that the person is not the problem, it’s that you’re trying to find the right vehicle. The vehicle of what’s going to get you to where you want to go and who is going to truly understand you and what you truly need.

You don’t have to worry anymore, at StudioXphys our primary purpose is to help you live an improved quality of life. With supervised training sessions you will never be left up to your own accord and unlike a gym we personalise your program to suit your individual needs.

If it’s getting back to your favourite sport or hobby, running around with your kids again or living a quality of life through your retirement without pain or limitations the StudioX way can help you get there.

We would like to invite you to book an initial discovery consultation at StudioXphys to help us understand your needs and then share with you the roadmap toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Corey and Tegan


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are The Sessions?​

The sessions are approximately 30 mins, however you can stay longer to do cardio or stretching after your program.

How Long Can I Continue For?​

We recommend that you do a minimum 12 weeks to see results, however a lot of people enjoy their program and want to maintain their results, so they end up coming to the studio as their regular exercise routine is ongoing.

Do You Have Packages Or Is It Just Pay Per Session?​

Yes we have pay per session, 10, 20 session packs, and monthly packs which work out to be better value per session.

Is The Training Supervised And By Who?​

All sessions are designed and supervised (inc. machine set up) by an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist, which means you get the most out of each session, avoid injury and the program is changed/progressed as needed.

Can I Claim My Private Health?​

You may be eligible for private health rebates. We can do a quote in the studio or you can call your private health fund to find out if you are eligible.

Do I Book An Appointment Or Can I Just Come Whenever I Like?​

Yes you do have to book an appointment. This is to make sure you get the most out of your session and there are not too many people in at any one time.

How Many Others Are There At The Same Time?​

There are 2-5 people booked at any appointment time.

How Long Until I Can Expect Results?​

Everyone is different, but usually if you are coming in a minimum twice a week, you will start to see noticeable results in 6-12 weeks.

Why Do You Use These Types Of Machines?​

The MedX and Keiser Equipment has the most advanced technology on the market. The 0-5% friction, cam loaded (changes load throughout the movement), restraint machines, make sure you target the muscles in the safest way and only 90-120 seconds under load. This makes it great for rehab and strength training. The Keseir pneumatic loaded machines have air resistance, allowing you to do movements at speed. Great for sports and training for power.

Is It Only Machine Based Or Are There Other Forms Of Exercise?​

We have a Variety of machines and functional equipment in our studio. We have 16 weight/rehab machines, 4 cardio machines, a barbell and squat rack, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and any other piece of functional equipment you can think of!

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