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Home to highly advanced rehabilitation equipment & expert allied health Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists & Massage Therapists who have over 100 years combined experience.

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Welcome To StudioXPhys

Home to highly advanced rehabilitation equipment &  expert allied health Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists & Massage Therapists who have over 100 years combined experience.

Gold Coast's Most Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic


StudioXPhys Physio Mudgeeraba & Hope Island


1. Free

The first step is always a comprehensive Free Phone assessment to review your situation. We’ll work to uncover what contributes to your pain, and we’ll talk about your healing goals.


2. Your recovery

We’ll discuss a plan to get you back to your life pain-free. I’ll outline how long your recovery treatment is likely to be, and how much time you’ll need for exercising to speed your healing.
Enjoy your active life again

3. Enjoy your active life again

A maintenance program keeps you from reinjuring yourself and keeps you pain-free for life! There is no risk to you with our money back guarantee.

Experience Our Hope Island Clinic


We help with neck pain, back pain and sports injuries.


Mudgeeraba, Hope Island, Mobile and Telehealth

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Exercise Physiology

We help athletes and NDIS and workcover patients.


Mudgeeraba, Hope Island, Mobile and Telehealth

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Podiatry Service


Mudgeeraba & Hope Island

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Massage Therapy

We help with stiffness, pain relief, injury rehabilitation and general well being.


Mudgeeraba, Hope Island, Mobile and Telehealth

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Who is StudioXPhys Hope Island for?

Welcome to StudioXPhys in Hope Island, QLD

Navigating life’s challenges becomes more manageable when your body is in optimal condition. At StudioXPhys in Hope Island, we encounter individuals daily who may be overlooking symptoms, not realising that pain is the body’s warning signal, urging attention.

Why Choose StudioXPhys in Hope Island?

Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive introductory offer. Experience a complimentary initial phone/video call assessment and receive a personalised treatment plan. StudioXPhys in Hope Island is your gateway to discovering the life-changing benefits of our physiotherapy services.

Our Commitment to Your Well-being

With unwavering confidence in our ability to provide exceptional care and deliver tangible results, we prioritise your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you’re not content with your progress within the first three sessions, we proudly offer a full refund—no questions asked.

Break Free from Pain, Embrace Positive Change

Don’t let pain restrict your lifestyle. At StudioXPhys in Hope Island, we’re dedicated to helping you embrace positive change. Your journey towards a pain-free and active life begins now, supported by our team of expert physiotherapists and health professionals.

With our free phone assessment and treatment plan, StudioXPhys Hope Island offers the best affordable Gold Coast physiotherapy, exercise physiology, podiatry, massage and more! If you are not happy with your treatment, we will give you your money back with no questions asked.

30,000+ Treatments

DJM Electrical Services
Highly recommend the guys at studio xphys. Sorted out my back pain using a range of techniques that made a huge difference. Pain free and mobility is so much better.
Rachel Melrita Rebello
Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend this place.
Stephanie Coward
Return visit for new problem. Very professional team with great outcomes 👍
John Dank
Will is a really good Physio, very encouraging and thorough. I feel in good hands.
Tara Quinn
I went to see Anita at Studio XPhys after a Google search gave high recommendations, plus she was local. I felt listened to, she explained to me what she was doing, was incredibly professional and was immediately clear that she was very experienced in her field of work. Would recommend her to anyone who needs a remedial message therapist that is knowledgeable, warm, experienced and thorough. She’s amazing!
Seer Cheuunchoam
I’ve been to both Studio X Phys at Mudgeeraba & Hope Island for Masseurs, Pilates Reformer Classes & Physio Therapists over the past 4-5yrs. Well knowledge qualified therapists that’s what keep me here.
Want to say a massive thank you to Deshane Deenoo. It’s been a rough couple of months since starting physio for my broken ankle but he’s smashed it! Always pushing me just the right amount and being honest with me about where I am in my recovery. Very happy a friend recommended him to me and cannot tell you how good it feels to be back on 2 feet walking again. Would highly highly recommend!
Lucia King
Very pleased I found StudioX at Mudgeeraba, lovely and experienced Staff and Physios, they have all the equipment anyone would need for any rehab situations

Frequently Asked Questions

How can StudioXPhys in Hope Island complement my recovery journey?

Enrich your healing process! Our physiotherapy studio in Hope Island is strategically located near attractions like Sanctuary Cove, providing a serene environment to support your rehabilitation.

Are there outdoor activities in Hope Island suitable for rehabilitation after physiotherapy sessions?

Absolutely! Enjoy tailored recovery alongside your exercise physiology in Hope Island with activities like therapeutic walks in the Hope Island Parklands or gentle exercises at the Links Hope Island Golf Course, enhancing your overall well-being.

Can you recommend family-friendly spots in Hope Island where I can continue my physio exercises?

Families can engage in active lifestyles at the Hope Island Shopping Centre or incorporate physio-friendly activities at the Hope Island Marina, fostering a holistic approach to wellness and women’s health in hope island.

What dining options are available near Studio X Phys that align with post-physio nutrition recommendations?

Nourish your body post-session! Explore local, health-conscious restaurants like those at Hope Island Marketplace and Hope Island Tavern complementing your physiotherapy journey with wholesome choices.

Any local events or festivals that align with my physiotherapy sessions at Studio X Phys in Hope Island?

Stay connected to community wellness! Attend events like the Hope Island Golf events and Hope Island Farmers Market to embrace a balanced lifestyle alongside your physiotherapy regimen.

Absolutely! Rejuvenate with physio-friendly routines at places like Hope Island Parklands, integrating nature into your recovery process.

How does Studio X Phys consider local transportation options, like golf buggies and bus services, in designing physio plans for Hope Island residents?

StudioXPhys takes a holistic approach. We consider unique transportation methods like golf buggies and bus services in our physio plans, ensuring convenience for Hope Island residents. Our goal is to make physiotherapy seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

What water-based activities near Hope Island are conducive to my physiotherapy plan?

Dive into tailored aquatic therapy! Explore boat tours departing from Hope Island Marina or engage in water-based exercises at nearby facilities to enhance your physio journey.

Treat yourself to recovery essentials! Visit Hope Island Shopping Centre for supportive gear or explore local markets for wellness products complementing your physiotherapy needs. Stock up on your recommended food items from a range of local grocery stores including Woolworths hope island, Coles Hope Island, Hope Island Marketplace, Aldi Hope Island and more.

Any historical sites or cultural points of interest near Hope Island that Studio X Phys incorporates into rehabilitation programs?

Immerse yourself in holistic wellness! Discover places like the Hope Island Museum or attend cultural events that StudioXPhys integrates for a well-rounded physiotherapy experience.

What transportation options can assist in getting to Studio X Phys and other physio-friendly spots around Hope Island?

Hope Island offers convenient transportation. Explore physio-approved activities using public buses or consider cycling to nearby spots, ensuring seamless accessibility to enhance your recovery journey.

How can StudioXPhys help me stay active in the unique environment of Hope Island, with its marinas and golf courses?

StudioXPhys specialises in creating customised physio plans that embrace the active lifestyle of Hope Island. Whether it’s addressing golf-related injuries or optimising movement for marina enthusiasts, our physiotherapy services are tailored to your local interests.

Are there physio-friendly activities near Hope Island Marina or Sanctuary Cove that StudioXPhys recommends?

Absolutely! StudioXPhys recommends therapeutic exercises around the Hope Island Marina and Sanctuary Cove to enhance your recovery. Explore our physio-approved activities for optimal well-being in these picturesque locales.

How does StudioXPhys integrate its services with the unique amenities in Hope Island, such as the golf courses and shopping villages?

StudioXPhys seamlessly integrates with Hope Island’s amenities. Our physiotherapy services align with the active lifestyle, offering specialised care for golf enthusiasts and ensuring mobility for those exploring shopping and dining at places like Hope Island Marina Shopping Village.

Can StudioXPhys assist with rehabilitation after engaging in sports at recreational areas like Robert Dalley Park or the Pat Cash Tennis Academy in Hope Island?

Absolutely! StudioXPhys designs physiotherapy programs that cater to the specific needs of individuals engaging in sports at places like Robert Dalley Park and the Pat Cash Tennis Academy. Our goal is to support your recovery and enhance your performance.


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