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Helping you love exercise again without pain or following surgery

Exercising in warm water helps reduce pain and increases mobility for people who struggle to exercise

*available at mudgeeraba and hope island

Hydrotherapy in Hope Island & Mudgeeraba

How Hydrotherapy Can Help You

Disabilities & NDIS Hydrotherapy​

Do you want exercise your child or family member will love doing? Enjoyment is the most important start to doing an activity that is important for your health. The hydrotherapy pool as set up with a ramp, hoist and aquatic wheelchair so they will have the proper equipment and guidance to get the most out of your session.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation​

Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation go together like potato and gravy. The heated water will help soothe pain and the weightless feeling of being in water makes it the perfect start to your rehabilitation.

Arthritis & Joint Pain​

Have you tried other forms of exercise, but the pain is too much? If you are experiencing pain during a movement or exercise you and I both know you won’t keep it up. You then can’t exercise to lose weight. Hydrotherapy is the solution – being weightless in water and having the heat to stimulate blood flow will not only let you exercise, but it will also be a form of pain relief.

Dear Friend,

We understand that certain methods of exercise and movement can be challenging to perform. Not all forms of exercise and rehabilitation are suitable for everyone.

We help people all the time who struggle with constant joint aches and pains and also people who are recovering from recent surgeries or injuries. We understand that the last thing you want when you are suffering from these conditions is exercise that has a high impact on your joints.

StudioXphys hydrotherapy classes are designed for low impact movement and exercise through warm water that makes exercise painless and fun with lots of benefits.

Our hydrotherapy classes are held in a state of the art hydrotherapy designed pool with ramp & houste access making getting in and out really easy.

We know that you want to live a good quality of life without pain or movement limitations and Hydrotherapy is the best form of exercise when it comes to moving without pain.

We would like to invite you to book in an initial discovery consultation at StudioXPhys to have a better understanding of your needs and create a plan moving forward.

Click the button to book your Initial Discovery consultation now.

Corey and Tegan



Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Pool Warm?​

The indoor hydrotherapy pool we use at the Mudgeeraba Aquatic Centre is usually between 30-34°C which is comfortably warm and should feel pleasant to exercise in. The heat also increases blood flow which aids in pain relief and recovery.

Are There Change Rooms On Site?​

Yes there are both male, female and disabled change room facilities on site.

How Do I Pay For My Hydrotherapy Class?​

If you are paying privately you can either bring cash with you and give to our physiotherapist on site. If you wish to pay eftpos or get private health rebates on the spot, you will need to go to StudioXphys across the road before the class, swipe your card and then either walk or drive across to the pool. If a third party (e.g workcover, NDIS etc.) is paying, you will need to give all that information to StudioXphys before your first class.

Do You Do Private Hydrotherapy Sessions For Rehabilitation Or Clients With A Disability?​

Of course! Once you have your first assessment consultation at the clinic, we can organise a time to do private hydrotherapy sessions with you at the pool.

I’d Like To Come To The Hydrotherapy Classes, But I Can’t Make The Class Times, Are There Any Other Options?​

No worries, you can do one on one hydrotherapy sessions at other times. Once you have done 2-3 sessions or more (depending on your safety and ability to perform the exercise correctly) you can get a program and come at a time that suits you (check open pool times).

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