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Taking Care of Women's Health Needs Through Specialised Treatment

Helping women feel confident and in control of their body by reducing pain and improving muscle control and movement.

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Women's Health at StudioXphys

How Women’s Health Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology Can Help You


Do you regularly get that uncomfortable urgent need to urinate? Do you notice bladder leakage? You are not alone, as this can be a problem for women after pregnancy and in later years of life. Get back control by seeing our amazing Women’s Health specialists.

Diastasis Recti​

Have you experienced increased separation of your abdominal muscles after pregnancy? Whether you are self continuous of your image, or concerned about the weakness and long term effects, our Women’s health specialists help guide you through the proven process to reduce that separation.

Pelvic Girdle & Lower Back Pain​

Helping you to eliminate backaches and neck pain reducing the risk of chronic migraines, headaches and expensive spinal surgeries

Pregnancy Care & Post Natal​

Giving you more confidence with every movement, eliminating the risk of falls, instability and incontinence

How We Help

Get understanding
and support

we help you from experience and care

Move without fear

we treat specific and personal challenges
so you can live a life on your terms

Quality of life

we help you reach your goals and
become the best version of yourself

Dear Friend,

We understand that the health of your body is important to you. Whether you are a new mum, or an old soul, you need to feel comfortable discussing all your intimate problems with someone.

We help women who struggle with incontinence, diastasis recti, lower back and pelvic pain take back control of their body. It’s a good feeling when you know you are doing the right thing for your health and talking to someone you can trust.

We know you want to live your life without pain or discomfort, and sometimes you need to put yourself first.

Our Expert Women’s Health Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can help you understand what is going on, and what you can do to fix the problem, it’s all within your control.

We would like to invite you to book in an initial discovery consultation at StudioXPhys to have a better understanding of your needs and create a plan moving forward.

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Corey and Tegan

How We Work With You

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see a physiotherapist after having my baby?​

You can see a physio anytime after you have your baby, we are able to give you appropriate exercises to meet the needs of your body. If you are wanting to get back to exercise it is recommended to recommence after you 6 week doctor check up.

Are pelvic floor exercises necessary even if I have had a C-Section?​

Yes, it is important to commence these after having a baby, because the weight of your baby has been sitting on your pelvic floor for the last 9 months. There are different types of pelvic floor exercises we can prescribe you depending on your needs.

Why am I getting neck pain with breastfeeding?​

Posture is very important with breastfeeding and we can help this by using a feeding pillow or pillows from around the home. It is important to bring the baby up to the breast and have it supported on the pillows, without you having to hold the weight of your baby. Remember to bring the baby to the breast, not the breast to the baby!

How long will it take for my stomach separation to return to normal?​

How long will it take for my stomach separation to return to normal? This can depend on a number of factors. Firstly, what number baby this is for you and also what was the separation before the pregnancy (which is often unknown). As a general rule we would like to see the separation get back to one finger width before returning to sit ups. There are many exercises that we can prescribe for you that will aid in the increase in core strength.

What Do I Wear?​

Please wear loose fitting clothing that will allow access to and movement of the injured or painful areas. This allows for better assessment and therefore better understanding of your current pain or condition.

If we have not answered the question you have, please call our friendly staff on (07) 5522 9577

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