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We want to help restore your movement and body so you can build a better tomorrow.

Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Pilates, Massage & Podiatry for Mudgeeraba & Hope Island

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Welcome to StudioXPhys

You deserve to feel free — free from stiffness and pain, free to have the energy and movement you need to enjoy life to the fullest!

To help you do this, we combine:



Injury rehabilitation & massage therapy

Women's Health

Helping women through all life stages.

Exercise Physiology

Movement Based Rehabilitation


Bringing Physio & Exercise Physiology to you


All things FEET and lower limbs

Nutrition & Dietetics

Looking after your GUT & all things FOOD-related

Massage Therapy

Relief for stress, pain & muscle tension

Reformer Pilates

Strengthen those underused muscles.


30’C gravity-free movements through the water

Strength Training

Reduce pain & improve strength with just 2x/week

Shockwave Therapy

A non-invasive treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing process

InBody Body Composition Analysis

Discover what your body is made up of

Call us on (07) 5522 9577, and we’ll take the time to match you with the right practitioner for your needs.
Musculoskeletal Injury Pain 1


How serious is your lower back pain?

This questionnaire has been designed to determine how your back pain has affected your ability to manage in everyday life.

Dear Friend,

When it comes to your health, there is nothing more important. We believe that your health is your number one asset.

You may be thinking, “I have tried everything, and nothing has worked”, or “I should have done something about this sooner”.

There is no need to worry; there is a solution, and it doesn’t have to take forever or cost thousands of dollars. It’s actually a pleasant process.

Eliminating your chronic pain or managing your current condition will help you return to your favourite sport or hobby, have you running around with your kids again, and help you live an energy-enriched quality of life.

We invite you to book an Initial Discovery Consultation at StudioXphys to help us understand your needs and then share your roadmap toward a brighter tomorrow.

Click the button to book your Initial Discovery consultation now.

– Corey and Tegan

Corey and Tegan: StudioXphys | Physiotherapy Mudgeeraba & Hope Island
Make and Appintment | StudioXPhys Physio Mudgeeraba and Hope Island


The first step is always a comprehensive Free Phone assessment to review your situation. We’ll work to uncover what contributes to your pain, and we’ll talk about your healing goals.

Schedule an Appointment | StudioXPhys Physio Mudgeeraba and Hope Island


We’ll discuss a plan to get you back to your life pain-free. I’ll outline how long your recovery treatment is likely to be, and how much time you’ll need for exercising to speed your healing.
Assessment | StudioXPhys Physio Mudgeeraba and Hope Island


A maintenance program keeps you from reinjuring yourself and keeps you pain-free for life! There is no risk to you with our money back guarantee.

Treatment Plan | StudioXPhys Physio Mudgeeraba and Hope Island


A maintenance program keeps you from reinjuring yourself and keeps you pain-free for life! There is no risk to you with our money back guarantee.

Who is StudioXPhys for?

Who we Help

Life can be challenging, and on top of everything else, the last thing you need is to be surrounded by pain and limitations that stop you from doing the things you love.

We meet people all the time who ignore their symptoms and don’t realise that pain is actually the siren of your brain trying to protect you. We need you to realise that the longer we ignore our bodies, the longer we take to recover.

We would like to invite you to take advantage of our introductory offer and receive a complimentary initial phone/video call assessment and treatment plan. This is your opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of our one-stop-shop for all your health needs, including physiotherapy, exercise physiology, podiatry, remedial massage & more.

We are confident in our ability to provide exceptional care and achieve results. If you’re not satisfied with your progress after the first three sessions, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Mobile & Telehealth appointments available

No referral required

Concession pricing available

Where we’re located

We come to you! So, if you are in Mudgeeraba, Hope Island, Robina, Nerang, Paradise Point, or Oxenford, you can access Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology at home.