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Using Advanced Reformer Pilates Equipment for Exercise and Clinical Rehabilitation

This spring loaded exercise will help you strengthen those underused muscles without putting extra pressure through your joints.

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The first step is always a comprehensive Free Phone assessment to review your situation. We’ll work to uncover what contributes to your pain, and we’ll talk about your healing goals.


2. Your recovery

We’ll discuss a plan to get you back to your life pain-free. I’ll outline how long your recovery treatment is likely to be, and how much time you’ll need for exercising to speed your healing.
Enjoy your active life again

3. Enjoy your active life again

A maintenance program keeps you from reinjuring yourself and keeps you pain-free for life! There is no risk to you with our money back guarantee.

Sneak Peak at Reformer Pilates At Studio X Phys

Reformer Pilates Mudgeeraba And Hope Island
Reformer Pilates Mudgeeraba And Hope Island2
Reformer Pilates Mudgeeraba And Hope Island
Reformer Pilates Mudgeeraba And Hope Island

How Reformer Pilates Can Help You

Spinal Rehabilitation​​

If you have experienced any recurring neck, mid-back or lower back pain, reformer pilates is what you need to reduce pain and achieve correct postural strengthening. Starting from a base level, our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will prescribe the ideal reformer exercise for your condition.

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Core Strengthening​

If you need safe and effective core strengthening, Reformer Pilates has several exercises that can isolate and target those deep core muscles to see quicker results.

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Pregnancy & Postpartum​

One of the most effective and safest exercises you can do during and after pregnancy is Reformer Pilates. Our Pilates trained Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist can make sure you are staying active and using the correct muscles to get results.

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Who is Reformer Pilates for?

We understand that starting a new type of exercise, either one on one or in a group, can be intimidating. On top of that if you are experiencing pain, you might be afraid to make the pain any worse.

Reformer Pilates is one of the best things you can do for your body. Low Risk (low impact) and high rewards of improved muscle strength and definition, improved posture and improved flexibility. Whether it’s one on one or group reformer pilates, you are sure to see results.

If you are experiencing recurring back or neck pain, our reformer pilates Hope Island and reformer pilates Mudgeeraba classes are leading the way in the gold coast to exercise without pain and strengthen the area you need to.

We want to show you this by booking an free initial phone assessment at Studio X Phys to get assessed so we can treat the root cause of your symptoms & to understand which reformer pilates class below is best for you.

Reformer Pilates Options

Studio Exercise & Reformer Pilates (50 Mins)

Maximum 5 people. 

Our signature group reformer pilates class features contemporary Pilates & Exercises using the reformer, trapeze tower, jumpboard, weights, Pilates rings, balls and bands. A full body Exercise & Reformer workout utilising the principles of core activation and pilates to gain strength, mobility and flexibility. Suitable for beginners to advanced with modifications.

Note: Highlighted classes are taken by a Physiotherapist. Other classes are taken by Exercise Physiologists.

Clinical Exercise & Reformer Pilates

Maximum 3 people. 

These classes require an initial consultation first and involve a Physio or Exercise Physiologist prescribing specific exercises using the reformer and other rehabilitation equipment to treat your condition and improve your overall health and fitness. Start your free phone assessment now to discuss with your practitioner which times these classes are available. You may be eligible for private health rebates, check with your practitioner during your free assessment.

Reformer Pilates Pricing

Private Health Rebates are available for some reformer pilates classes. Ask our friendly team for more information.

NOTE: Some Studio X Phys Rehabilitation Classes are taken by accredited Physiotherapists and some by accredited Exercise Physiologists. It is the client’s responsibility to check if they can claim before the class.

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DJM Electrical Services
Highly recommend the guys at studio xphys. Sorted out my back pain using a range of techniques that made a huge difference. Pain free and mobility is so much better.
Rachel Melrita Rebello
Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend this place.
Stephanie Coward
Return visit for new problem. Very professional team with great outcomes 👍
John Dank
Will is a really good Physio, very encouraging and thorough. I feel in good hands.
Tara Quinn
I went to see Anita at Studio XPhys after a Google search gave high recommendations, plus she was local. I felt listened to, she explained to me what she was doing, was incredibly professional and was immediately clear that she was very experienced in her field of work. Would recommend her to anyone who needs a remedial message therapist that is knowledgeable, warm, experienced and thorough. She’s amazing!
Seer Cheuunchoam
I’ve been to both Studio X Phys at Mudgeeraba & Hope Island for Masseurs, Pilates Reformer Classes & Physio Therapists over the past 4-5yrs. Well knowledge qualified therapists that’s what keep me here.
Want to say a massive thank you to Deshane Deenoo. It’s been a rough couple of months since starting physio for my broken ankle but he’s smashed it! Always pushing me just the right amount and being honest with me about where I am in my recovery. Very happy a friend recommended him to me and cannot tell you how good it feels to be back on 2 feet walking again. Would highly highly recommend!
Lucia King
Very pleased I found StudioX at Mudgeeraba, lovely and experienced Staff and Physios, they have all the equipment anyone would need for any rehab situations

Reformer Pilates Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Reformer Pilates Machine?

A Reformer Pilates machine is a specialised exercise equipment designed to facilitate a wide range of Pilates exercises. It consists of a moving carriage, springs, and adjustable resistance settings, allowing for low-impact, full-body workouts that focus on strength, flexibility, and posture.

What should I Wear To Reformer Pilates?​

For our Reformer Pilates classes, it’s best to wear comfortable, form-fitting workout attire. This will enable freedom of movement while ensuring that your clothing doesn’t impede your exercises. Avoid loose or baggy clothes to prevent them from getting caught in the equipment.

Can I Claim Private Health Rebates For These Classes?

For some Clinical Exercise classes you may be able to claim private health rebates. These classes require an initial consultation first and involve a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist prescribing specific exercises using the reformer and other rehabilitation equipment to treat your condition and improve your overall health and fitness. Call to book your free phone assessment now on (07) 5522 9577.

How can I find the best Reformer Pilates studio in Mudgeeraba?

Read Gold Coast Pilates Google reviews & consider trying a few introductory classes to find the one that suits your needs and preferences. Studio X Phys reformer pilates Mudgeeraba is the highest rated, not just in Mudgeeraba, but all of the Gold Coast.

Is Reformer Pilates suitable for individuals with physical limitations or injuries?

Yes, our Reformer Pilates classes can be adapted to accommodate physical limitations or injuries. It’s essential to inform your instructor (who are experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologists) about your specific condition so they can tailor the exercises to your needs.

How many calories does reformer pilates burn?

While Reformer Pilates may not be the highest-calorie burning exercise, it offers a plethora of other benefits that make it an excellent choice for overall fitness and well-being. The calorie burn you experience during a session can vary depending on factors like intensity, duration, body weight, and fitness level. However, the core strength, flexibility, and stress-reducing advantages of Reformer Pilates make it a valuable addition to your fitness routine.

If you’re looking to manage your weight effectively, combining Reformer Pilates with other forms of exercise, physio and a balanced diet can help you achieve your fitness goals.

So, the next time you step onto the Reformer, don’t just ask yourself “How many calories does reformer pilates burn?” and try to remember that it’s not just about calorie burn; it’s about building a healthier, stronger body.

Can You Do Reformer Pilates While Pregnant?

Reformer Pilates can be a safe and beneficial exercise option for pregnant women when done with the proper precautions and guidance. Always consult with your healthcare provider and choose a certified instructor with experience in prenatal Pilates. Listen to your body (and our instructors), make necessary modifications, and prioritise your safety and the well-being of your baby.

I’ve Done Mat Pilates But Not Reformer, What Is The Best Option?​

We do suggest you complete an Initial Reformer Session with a Pilates trained Physiotherapist in Mudgeeraba or Hope Island Physio clinics or Exercise Physiologist, especially if you have current or past injuries and pain. This will greatly benefit you and others when joining your first group class. We want to spend the time with you to make sure you are comfortable with the Reformer, the movements and the techniques so you can confidently practice them throughout the class at the studio knowing they are performed correctly and safely.

How Many Appointments Should I Do?​

For beginners, we recommend just one class in your first week to see how your body feels after the session and to give your muscles time to recover. If you are reasonably fit, you can start with 2 classes a week. If you are experienced with the Reformer, you can do as many classes as you like, remembering to listen to your body and allowing recovery when needed. We find once you are a bit more experienced that 2 or more classes a week see’s the best results.

How can I find the best Reformer Pilates studio in Hope Island?

Research local studios, read reviews, and consider trying a few introductory classes to find the one that suits your needs and preferences. Studio X Phys reformer pilates hope island is the highest rated pilates, not just in Hope Island, but is actually the best rated gold coast pilates!

Can Reformer Pilates help with weight loss?

While our Reformer Pilates classes in the Mudgeeraba and Hope Island primarily focus on strength and flexibility, reformer pilates can support weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and other exercises.

Are there any age restrictions for Reformer Pilates?

No, our group Reformer Pilates classes are suitable for individuals of all ages. In fact, it can be particularly beneficial for seniors as it promotes flexibility and strength.

What is the difference between the Studio Exercise & Reformer class and the Clinical Exercise & Reformer class?

The Studio Exercise & Reformer Pilates class is a group class that accommodates a maximum of 5 people and focuses on contemporary Pilates and exercises using various equipment. It’s suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

On the other hand, the Clinical Exercise & Reformer Pilates class is limited to a maximum of 3 people and is more personalised, with Hope Island and Mudgeeraba’s best Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist prescribing specific exercises tailored to your condition and overall health.


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