I’ve been referred by my GP… What’s next?

I’ve been referred by my GP… What’s next?

The answer is simple, Whether you have been suffering from a chronic condition for years, or even if it’s something that’s happened recently, getting treatment from an allied health practitioner is an exciting step. One of the most common questions we get asked is: “I’ve been referred by my Doctor… What do I do next?”

The first step is the easiest: book an appointment! When you speak to us make sure you have any documentation that your doctor has given you including reports and Medicare forms. We can then book you in for an appointment to see an Allied Health Professional.

“What’s going to happen in my session?”

image 1That depends on you! Your practitioner will talk to you about your injury/condition/body, your history, goals and what you want to get out of your sessions. From there, they can develop a treatment plan that helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

This plan includes your appointments and sessions here with us, your top three goals and exercises that you can work on at home between your appointments. We can even take you through some exercises on our specialised rehabilitation equipment in addition to your at home exercises. Pro tip: Clients who complete their home exercises achieve results significantly faster than those who just exercise in the clinic.

If you have been referred for Physiotherapy then you may require hands-on treatment including Massage to help you progress. Regardless, your practitioner will show you exercises that you can take away with you to speed up your progress.

As you progress through your sessions and master your at-home exercises, we can increase the variety and intensity of the work you do. Increasing the challenge of exercises can be a scary prospect for students, particularly those who have lived with chronic pain for years. Don’t be afraid to give your practitioner continuous feedback about how you’re feeling and your pain levels: we want you to be able to achieve your goals and we need feedback in order to do that.

Once you start to feel the difference, the goals that you set in your first session will seem a lot more achievable and we you may even want to review and change your goals to suit. If you have been suffering from continuous pain or feel that it is time to address some of those niggly aches and pains, come and see the team at Studio X Phys and let us start your journey to physical freedom.

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