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Using Advanced Reformer Pilates Equipment for Exercise and Clinical Rehabilitation

This spring loaded exercise will help you strengthen those underused muscles without putting extra pressure through your joints.

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Reformer Pilates at StudioXphys

How Reformer Pilates can help you

Spinal Rehabilitation

If you have experienced any recurring neck, mid-back or lower back pain, reformer pilates is what you need to reduce pain and achieve correct postural strengthening. Starting from a base level, our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will prescribe the ideal reformer exercise for your condition.

Core Strengthening

If you need safe and effective core strengthening, Reformer Pilates has several exercises that can isolate and target those deep core muscles to see quicker results.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

One of the most effective and safest exercises you can do during and after pregnancy is Reformer Pilates. Our Pilates trained Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist can make sure you are staying active and using the correct muscles to get results.

Dear Friend,

We understand that starting a new type of exercise, either one on one or in a group, can be intimidating. On top of that if you are experiencing pain, you might be afraid to make the pain any worse.

Reformer Pilates is one of the best things you can do for your body. Low Risk (low impact) and high rewards of improved muscle strength and definition, improved posture and improved flexibility. Whether it’s one on one or in a group you are sure to see results.

If you are experiencing recurring back or neck pain, reformer pilates is a great way to exercise without pain and strengthen the area you need to.

We want to show you this by booking an initial consultation at StudioXphys to get assessed, treated, and to understand what is going on and your plan moving forward.

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Corey and Tegan

How We Work With You

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Make an appointment

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Step 2


Schedule time with the right health professional for you

Step 3


Join your health professional for an assessment

Step 4


Create a tailored plan to your recovery

reformer pilates Schedule

7:00 am
Fundamentals (Reformer) Rachel
Fundamentals (Reformer) Rachel
S & D (Reformer) Ryan
8:00 am
Fundamentals (Reformer) Ryan
9:30 am
Fundamentals (Reformer) Renee
Fundamentals (Reformer) Ryan
S & D (Reformer) Liana
Fundamentals (Reformer) Josh
Fundamentals (Reformer) Liana
10:30 am
S & D (Reformer) Josh
Fundamentals (Reformer) Ryan
Fundamentals (Reformer) Josh
S & D (Reformer) Liana
4:00 pm
S & D (Reformer) Liana
Fundamentals (Reformer) Josh
4:30 pm
S & D (Reformer) Liana
Fundamentals (Reformer) Michelle
5:00 pm
Fundamentals (Reformer) Liana
S & D (Reformer) Sam
5:30 pm
Fundamentals (Reformer) Liana
S & D (Reformer) Michelle
6:00 pm
S & D (Reformer) Sam
Fundamentals (Reformer) Sam

Fundamentals (Reformer) (50 mins)

Our signature reformer class. A full body Exercise & Reformer workout utilising the principles of core activation and pilates to gain strength, mobility and flexibility. Suitable for beginners to advance with modifications. Not suitable for people with acute injuries, or if you are pregnant. Maximum 5 people.

Strengthen and Define (Reformer) (50 mins)

This mixed equipment exercise session features contemporary Pilates & Exercises using the reformer, trapeze tower, jumpboard, weights, Pilates rings, balls and bands. An intermediate session to challenge fitness, strength and endurance. Not suitable for people with acute injuries, or if you are pregnant. Maximum 5 people.

Exercise & Reformer Pricing

Exercise & Reformer Session

$ 30
  • List Item #3
  • List Item #3

Exercise & Reformer Session

5 pack
$ 140
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2

Exercise & Reformer Session

10 pack
$ 260
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #3

Exercise & Reformer Session

20 pack
$ 480
  • List Item #3
  • List Item #3

Exercise & Reformer Session

50 pack
$ 1000
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #3

Mixed 10 pack

(5 x strength sessions +
5 x reformer sessions)
$ 260
  • asd
Private Health Rebates are available for some classes, ask our friendly team



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Reformer Pilates Machine?

The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine designed to utilise Pilates Techniques. It can be used for clinical rehabilitation or an intense and challenging workout. Leverage, springs and body weight are used as resistance to movements targeting specific muscles.

I’ve Done Mat Pilates But Not Reformer, What Is The Best Option?

We do suggest you complete an Initial Reformer Session with a Pilates trained Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist, especially if you have current or past injuries and pain. This will greatly benefit you and others when joining your first group class. We want to spend the time with you to make sure you are comfortable with the Reformer, the movements and the techniques so you can confidently practice them throughout the class at the studio knowing they are performed correctly and safely.

What should I Wear To Reformer Pilates?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in. We ask you to wear socks for hygiene and safety reasons. Pilates socks with grip soles are available for purchase if you forget socks or would like a pair for safe movement.

How many appointments should I do?

For beginners, we recommend just one class in your first week to see how your body feels after the session and to give your muscles time to recover. If you are reasonably fit, you can start with 2 classes a week. If you are experienced with the Reformer, you can do as many classes as you like, remembering to listen to your body and allowing recovery when needed. We find once you are a bit more experienced that 2 or more classes a week see’s the best results.


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