Deputy Health Services Manager & First Impression

Rachel's Profile

Hi, I’m Rachel and I am a passionate Exercise Physiology student and Pilates instructor, as well as part of the First Impression team. I completed my Bachelor of Business at Bond University and after working across a variety of industries, decided to pursue a more active and fulfilling career. I began my Pilates instructor training in 2014 and have taught across a variety of areas since. I am currently completing my degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and have been fortunate enough to have worked with and been mentored by some of the best minds in the industry. Being able to combine my business background and love of all things movement and health is incredibly rewarding, and I love seeing clients surprise themselves with their progress, challenging what they believe they are physically capable of and achieving overall freedom in their movement.

Fun fact: 
I am one of a few people on the planet that hates Nutella

Karen Practice Manager

Karen's Profile

Hi, I’m Karen, and I’m ready to welcome you to StudioXphys! 🙋

The first thing I do, even before my feet hit the ground, each morning is turn the corners of my mouth up.

I then aim to wear that beaming smile all day long. 😁

During my career, I’ve enjoyed a diverse range of roles, across several industries and always with a focus on people and service.

From hospitality to retail, to administration, recruitment, and concierge, my passion for helping people enjoy each day and lead lives they love includes more than 15 years as a Life and Leadership coach.

Fun Fact:
I like to have 1 new challenge I do for fun each year and in recent years I’ve learned Calligraphy, basket weaving & mala bead necklace making and this year I’ve started Oz Tag for the first time.

Tahnee First Impression

Tahnee's Profile

Hi I’m Tahnee, I’m part of the first impressions team and love welcoming and making sure all of the clients who walk through the door feel at home and listened too!
Last year I graduated from my studies to become an Allied Health assistant – I really enjoy the health field as it is so rewarding to be able to have an impact helping people through their recovery and pain. My goal is to learn as much as I can from all types of clients and their injuries and of course the different techniques practitioners use so I can become more confident within my skills.
Phoebe First Impression

Phoebe's Profile

Hi! My name is Phoebe, I would love to give you a warm welcome to StudioXphys
Some of the things that I like to do outside of meeting so many beautiful people each day, is to go for walks along the beach, eat from delicious restaurants and go to the movies (if you have any recommendations feel free to let me know!)I come from a strong retail background, I love meeting new people and making their experience as welcoming and stress-free as possible.                      

I am also studying for a Bachelor of Counseling. This has taught me so much in regard to interpersonal skills. This also shows how much I love to talk to people and interact with people. I have felt so honored to be a part of the First Impressions team. Every single person at StudioXphys is so lovely and patient.

This is my very first administrative job, there have been some challenges… but I love a challenge!

Fun fact: I am afraid of birds.


Michelle's Profile

Hi, I’m Michelle, mum of 2 very active young boys! I’ve been a Pilates teacher
for over 10 years and in administration for over 20 years.
I love combining my business & administration background with health &
Pilates which are such passions of mine.
My goal at StudioXphys is for you to feel welcome and comfortable, a part of
the family.
Fun fact:
I love camping! Whether it’s the beach, bush or a caravan park – it’s my
favorite thing to do