Exercising While on Holiday

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Everyone wants to enjoy their holiday to the fullest but many don’t want to give up their exercise routine while away for so many weeks. There’s no need to worry. Often many of your home rehab program exercises, from your allied health professional, can be performed with little to no equipment. Try introducing new bodyweight movements to replicate different machines you regularly use. For example, a push up or wall push up can be used to strengthen the pecs, similar to the chest press machine, while a supported squat or sit to stand uses similar muscle groups to that of the leg press. A theraband is a great piece of equipment that is light weight and can add resistance to many exercises for a thorough full body workout. Try standing on the theraband to perform many upper body exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extension or many different shoulder exercises. Similarly, a theraband can be used for core and leg strengthening too.

pexels photo 700446Many of us acknowledge we need to do more flexibility and stretching exercises and while on holiday is the perfect time to finally get started. Static stretching includes take two ends of the muscle in opposite directions until a stretch is felt and holding for 20-30 seconds. Stretching doesn’t require any equipment and many stretches can be performed in a small amount of space. A towel can be used to assist in stretches where flexibility limits your ability to achieve a stretch, such as when lying on your back and hooking the towel around your foot then lifting towards the roof. Try choosing 6-10 different muscle groups to stretch regularly while on holiday.

pexels photo 373933One obvious way to keep active while on holiday is to keep moving. Explore the city, countryside, island or ship. Walking is a great, low impact way to get a light cardio workout in whilst away and best of all can lead to seeing some incredible sights. Try going for an extra walk to somewhere you might have not had the opportunity to explore if you had stayed in your room instead.

Finally, many hotels, cruise ships and popular camping sites have facilities that can help scratch that exercise itch. Pools, tennis courts, gyms and more are great ways to get a regular exercise routine going whilst your enjoying your vacation. If you are unsure on how to use the equipment at the gym, try asking the staff to show you how to set up the machine and ensure you use correct technique.

Most importantly, make sure to enjoy yourself while you’re away. Take some time to relax, sightsee and enjoy your trip. While it is always important to keep moving and physically active it is also important to look after your emotional and social health and a holiday is the perfect time to do so.

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