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*Available at our Mudgeeraba NDIS Physio Clinic and Hope island NDIS Physio Clinic or at your home

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StudioXPhys Physio Mudgeeraba & Hope Island

Your Path to Better Mobility Starts Here

We come to you! So, if you are in Mudgeeraba, Hope Island, Robina, Nerang, Paradise Point, or Oxenford, you can access Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology at home.

We come to you! So, if you are in Mudgeeraba, Hope Island, Robina, Nerang, Paradise Point, or Oxenford, you can access Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology at home.

or we can come to you

NDIS Physio Services Made Easy

Free Assessement

1. Free Assessment & Plan Discussion

This helps us understand your unique needs and simplify your NDIS agreement, ensuring a personalised approach that’s as effortless as it is effective. Plus, it’s your chance to get all your questions answered.

Create a plan

2. Service Agreement

Our NDIS Physiotherapists create a tailored service agreement that aligns with your NDIS plan, providing clarity on your path to well-being.

Enjoy your active life again

3. Start Your NDIS Physio

Your NDIS Physiotherapy journey begins. Choose between our studios or in-home sessions for expert care and progress toward better well-being.

Our NDIS Physio Studios Includes

Studio X Phys is a registered NDIS Physiotherapy service provider gold coast. Our Mudgeeraba and Hope Island clinics have:

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Ample Reserved Car Spaces Right In Front of the Studio
  • Fully Set Up Rehab Clinic and Gym
  • Multiple Private Consult Rooms
  • Access to a fully equipped hydrotherapy pool with a hoist, ramp, and aquatic wheelchair
NDIS StudioXPhys
NDIS-StudioXPhys-Mudgeeraba & Hope Island Air Standing Hip Machine
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How NDIS Service Can Help You

NDIS Physiotherapy

Our NDIS physiotherapy services are designed to enhance your mobility and address physical challenges. We create personalised treatment plans to improve your quality of life, focusing on reducing pain, increasing independence & enhancing overall well-being.

NDIS Exercise Physiology

With our NDIS-approved exercise physiologists, we offer tailored fitness programs to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our services are designed to support your journey to better physical health and overall vitality.

NDIS Strength Training

Our NDIS strength training programs are aimed at improving your physical strength and endurance. We provide personalised workouts that help you build muscle, increase stamina & boost your confidence in your physical abilities.

NDIS Hydrotherapy

Our NDIS hydrotherapy pools are a heated to 30 degrees Celsius for ultimate comfort and rejuvenation and offer gravity-free movements through the water.

Hydrotherapy is a gentle yet effective way to improve mobility and relieve pain. Our NDIS hydrotherapy services offer a unique approach to therapy, utilizing the soothing properties of water to enhance your well-being and ease physical discomfort.

NDIS Podiatry

Our NDIS podiatry services address foot and lower limb issues, ensuring your mobility and comfort. Our expert podiatrists offer assessments, treatments, and recommendations to support your overall health and mobility.

NDIS Dietetics

NDIS dietetics services focus on enhancing your nutritional well-being. We offer personalised dietary guidance to help you make healthier food choices, manage specific conditions & improve your overall health and vitality.

Corey and Tegan Physiotherapy Hope Island and Mudgeeraba

Who is Studio X Phys NDIS Physio for?

Unlock the Full Potential of our NDIS Physio Services for Your Loved One.

Caring for a loved one with a disability can be an incredible journey filled with both joys and challenges. The NDIS, while a vital support system, often adds another layer of complexity to your role. Understanding how to make the most of your NDIS payments and ensuring that your loved one receives top-notch treatment from the best NDIS physio service providers on the Gold Coast can be overwhelming.

At Studio X Phys, we’re here to make life easier for both you and your loved one. We understand that your utmost priority is to provide them with the highest quality of life and a brighter future. Our extensive NDIS physiotherapy experience has allowed us to assist numerous NDIS parents, carers, and patients, and we take immense pride in witnessing our patients flourish under our care.

Our unique one-stop-shop approach encompasses a range of NDIS physio services, including Physiotherapy, In-House Hydrotherapy, Exercise Physiology & more. What sets us apart is our commitment to comprehensive care and support, tailored to meet the specific needs of NDIS participants.

Our NDIS service centers, located in Mudgeeraba and Hope Island, offer a wealth of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and a compassionate team all under one roof. Our goal is to empower your loved one to achieve their highest potential, providing them with a path to independence and improved well-being.

If you’re seeking the best in NDIS physio services and want your loved one to receive dedicated care, we invite you to connect with us. Our team at Studio X Phys is ready to help you explore the possibilities and provide your loved one with the finest NDIS physiotherapy services available on the Gold Coast.

Book a session with our NDIS support representative, and let’s embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of NDIS physio services for your loved one.

30,000+ Treatments

DJM Electrical Services
Highly recommend the guys at studio xphys. Sorted out my back pain using a range of techniques that made a huge difference. Pain free and mobility is so much better.
Rachel Melrita Rebello
Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend this place.
Stephanie Coward
Return visit for new problem. Very professional team with great outcomes 👍
John Dank
Will is a really good Physio, very encouraging and thorough. I feel in good hands.
Tara Quinn
I went to see Anita at Studio XPhys after a Google search gave high recommendations, plus she was local. I felt listened to, she explained to me what she was doing, was incredibly professional and was immediately clear that she was very experienced in her field of work. Would recommend her to anyone who needs a remedial message therapist that is knowledgeable, warm, experienced and thorough. She’s amazing!
Seer Cheuunchoam
I’ve been to both Studio X Phys at Mudgeeraba & Hope Island for Masseurs, Pilates Reformer Classes & Physio Therapists over the past 4-5yrs. Well knowledge qualified therapists that’s what keep me here.
Want to say a massive thank you to Deshane Deenoo. It’s been a rough couple of months since starting physio for my broken ankle but he’s smashed it! Always pushing me just the right amount and being honest with me about where I am in my recovery. Very happy a friend recommended him to me and cannot tell you how good it feels to be back on 2 feet walking again. Would highly highly recommend!
Lucia King
Very pleased I found StudioX at Mudgeeraba, lovely and experienced Staff and Physios, they have all the equipment anyone would need for any rehab situations

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Studio X Phys NDIS Physiotherapy stand out from other providers?

Studio X Phys takes a personalised and caring approach to physiotherapy. With two convenient clinics in Mudgeeraba and Hope Island, our experienced team, tailored programs, and commitment to your loved one’s well-being set us apart. We’re dedicated to making a positive difference in their life. 

Our clinics are a convenient one-stop-shop to improve the life of your loved one. With in-house physiotherapists, hydrotherapy pools, exercise physiology, podiatry, dietetics and more, we make it so easy to access all these services.

Can Physio improve the quality of life for my loved one and make them more independent?

Absolutely! Our NDIS Physiotherapy is designed to enhance your loved one’s mobility, strength, and overall well-being, which can lead to greater independence. Our services are tailored to help them achieve a better quality of life.

Is NDIS Physiotherapy covered by my NDIS plan?

Yes, NDIS Physiotherapy is a support category under the NDIS. If it’s included in your or your loved one’s plan, they can access our services without out-of-pocket expenses, reducing the financial burden on you as their carer. We’ll work closely with both of you to ensure they receive the care they need.

How can I understand my NDIS Agreement?

To better understand your NDIS Agreement, watch our informative video from Tegan as she explains how to understand your NDIS Agreement in 5 Minutes. In this video, Tegan simplifies complex concepts, explains key sections, and offers guidance on navigating your NDIS Agreement. It’s a quick and valuable resource to help you get started on comprehending your agreement.

Can you help me to understand my NDIS plan?

Yes! We support your entire journey to take the stress out of providing healthcare for you or your loved one through the NDIS. Checkout these helpful documents and Information for NDIS participants.

Do you have a HICAPS machine?

Yes, we have a HICAPS machine at the NDIS physio clinics in Mudgeeraba and Hope Island, so bring your private health fund card and we can swipe it for instant rebates. Note: To claim on the spot health rebates, you must present your health insurance card at the time of payment. Alternatively, an invoice can be issued to allow for self-claiming through your private health provider.

How can NDIS Physiotherapy benefit my loved one and make my caregiving role easier?

Our NDIS Physiotherapy is a specialised service that can significantly improve your loved one’s mobility and overall well-being. By addressing their unique needs, our dedicated team of physiotherapists can enhance their quality of life, which can, in turn, make your caregiving journey more manageable.

Do you offer home visits for NDIS physiotherapy in Gold Coast?

Yes, we offer home visits for NDIS physiotherapy and NDIS exercise physiology to ensure accessibility and convenience for our clients in the Gold Coast area.

What types of conditions do your NDIS physio services address?

Our NDIS Physio services cater to a wide range of conditions, including mobility issues, pain management, muscle tension & overall well-being improvements.

How do you personalise physio treatment plans for NDIS clients?

Part of our unique approach to NDIS patients is that we conduct thorough assessments to understand your specific needs and goals. Our physiotherapy treatment plans are customised to address your unique requirements.

What should I expect during an NDIS Physiotherapy session?

Your NDIS Physiotherapy session will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our experienced physiotherapists will conduct assessments, develop a personalised plan & work with you to improve your mobility, strength, and overall quality of life.

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