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Podiatrist Miami


Helping people with foot, ankle and knee conditions walk and run properly without painful surgeries, and having to see multiple health professionals.
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How Podiatry in Miami Can Help You

Flat Feet​

Are your flat feet causing pain in your feet, knees or ankles? Seeing a Podiatrist will increase support and stability of the foot and ankle and reduce pain.

Arch Pain / Plantar Fasciitis​

Orthotics help reduce pain from the daily load by prescribed support for your arches. Strengthening of the muscles around your foot also reduces pain in the arch of the foot.

Heel Pain​

Are you struggling to walk without pain in the base of the foot? Everytime you place pressure on your foot it creates a burning shooting pain. Seeing a Podiatrist will help you to eliminate heel pain without long drawn out expensive treatments.

Morton’s Neuroma​

Morton’s Neuroma is a thickening of the tissue impacting the nerves to the toes. This is treatable and you don’t need to live your life being impacted by the nerve pain. Avoid surgery by seeing a Podiatrist.

Achilles Pain​

Living with Achilles Pain can stop you from walking and running comfortably and may lead to chronic inflammation through the Achilles tendon. Seeing a Podiatrist can help you to eliminate the immediate pain and help you get back your daily life or sports pain-free.

Running Injuries​

Just got back into running or upped the intensity of your run? Immediate changes to how the tissue responds to running may lead to chronic pain or injuries in your foot, ankle, calf or knee. Seeing a Podiatrist helps you to get your running technique assessed and find out how to scale your intensity to avoid injury.

How We Help

Walk carefree

Enhancing your movement every day without pain or instability

Quality of life

Helping you reach your goals and
live your best life

Become pain free

Eliminating persistent
debilitating pain

Dear Friend,

You put so much pressure and force through your feet each day, in fact the average Australian takes 7400 steps per day. The last thing you want is a painful or unstable base for those 7400 steps everyday.

We see it all the time, problems with your feet, turn to problems with your knees, hips, and lower back. Maybe you feel unstable, or uneven when standing or walking. We see this all too much, you may not even have pain in your feet, but your feet are causing pain in other places. The longer you ignore this, the worse all your problems get.

We know that all you really want is to play sports without the fear of injury, to walk down a hill without the fear of falling and to walk with a family member without pain slowing you down. We have helped thousands of people diagnose the root cause of the problem and provide the solution.

We want to show you this by booking an initial consultation at StudioXphys to get assessed, treated, and to understand what is going on and your plan moving forward.

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Corey and Tegan

How We Work With You

Make an appointment

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What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have HICAPS​

Yes, we have a HICAPS machine at the clinic, so bring your private health fund card and we can swipe it for instant rebates. Note: To claim on the spot health rebates, you must present your health insurance card at the time of payment. Alternatively, an invoice can be issued to allow for self-claiming through your private health provider.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?​

As we run a popular clinic, we need at least 24 hours notice, so that your appointment slot can be given to someone on the waiting list. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you may be charged a late cancellation fee.

Are You Open On Public Holidays?​

We are not, most find it hard to commit to an appointment on public holidays.

How Long Are The Appointments​

Initial & Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes. Longer appointments are available if arranged prior to your consultation.

What Should I Bring?​

Please bring any referrals/paperwork (relevant for Return to Work, Chronic Disease Management plans, DVA or NDIS claims) and recent blood test results. If you can record everything you eat for 1 regular day (1 day food diary) that would be helpful too.

How Many Consultations Do I Need?​

At StudioXphys we strive to get you back to full health and activity in as little treatments as possible, and as such, the number of consults required will be based on the advice of your Expert Podiatrist.

Do You Accept Return To Work / DVA / NDIS & CTP Claims?​

Yes. We accept all Return to Work (Work Cover), DVA, NDIS and CTP claims. Note: Please call to arrange your Return to Work/ DVA/ CTP/ NDIS appointment. We do ask that you bring all the appropriate paperwork on your initial consultation to ensure there is no delay in treatment and management.

Do You Accept Chronic Disease Management Plans?​

Yes. We accept Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans (formally known as Enhance Primary Care or EPC plan). Note: Please call to arrange your CDM appointment. You will need to provide a copy of your CDM referral at your initial consultation in order to proceed with treatment and management of your condition.

How Long Are The Appointments​

Initial and Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes. Longer appointments are available if arranged prior to your consultation. If we have not answered the question you have, please call our friendly staff on (07) 5522 9577

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