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0 - 10 Points

Minor Lower Back Pain

Your back pain may come and go but usually is not too painful or debilitating and usually resolves itself within a few days. You may be able treat this yourself with stretching, walking and heat. If your back pain does increase or lasts longer than 2 weeks we would recommend seeing our Physiotherapist for a diagnosis and individualised treatment.

11 - 30 Points

Moderate Lower Back Pain​

Your back pain is really starting to affect your life, from your tasks at home to your social life and job. This can then progress to affecting your ability to make money and your mental health if it hasn’t already. You have probably let this go on a bit too long and it is time to book in with our Physiotherapist to get a diagnosis, assessment, treatment (pain relief), and an individualised plan moving forward.

31 - 50 Points

Severe Lower Back Pain​

Your lower back pain is very serious, and is affecting all aspects of your life such as standing, sitting and everyday tasks. You will need to see a Physiotherapist as soon as possible, before this starts to cause problems with your hips, knees and shoulders. The Physiotherapist can get you some pain relief and work on a plan to get you back to your best health. They will also decide if they can help you alone or you need a multidisciplinary approach of a Physiotherapist working with a specialist.

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