Studio X Phys has the Long-term Solution for Lower Back Pain

Studio X  Phys is Mudgeeraba has the solution to reduce or even eliminate back pain for good!

There are many published research articles that show proven results that the MedX machines, in particular, the MedX Lumbar machine, this machine helps prevent surgery as well as preventing and treating chronic lower back pain. Studio X Phys has imported this MedX machine along with a complete line of MedX machines from overseas. Some of the results from using this equipment include:

  • PREVENTING SURGERY – Patients who required lower back or neck surgery had a 92% success rate for preventing surgery with spinal (cervical and lumbar) strengthening on the MedX Medical Machines
  • PREVENTING LOWER BACK PAIN – For Rehabilitation Interventions, MedX is shown to be a technologically advanced intervention in the treatment of chronic lower back pain
  • TREATMENT FOR DISC DEGENERATION – The MedX Lumbar Machine isolates the lumbar extensor muscles whilst stabilising the pelvis. This type of strengthening has shown the most improvements in the lower back strength muscle cross-sectional area and lumbar spine bone mineral density. The improvements were lasting, lead to a decrease in pain and less use of the health care system
  • TREATMENT FOR DISC HERNIATION – For postoperative patients with disc herniations, the use of isolated lumbar extension (e.g. the MedX Lumbar Machine) resulted in decreased pain, return to work and strength of the lower back muscles
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These Articles prove that the MedX Lumbar Machine is one of the safest and most effective ways to decrease or eliminate Lower Back pain and treat any type of lumbar disc condition. The Allied Health professionals at Studio X Phys have years of experience operating and using these machines to achieve results whilst creating a program safe for people with chronic conditions.

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