Mental Health Toolbox or To Do List

There are many different aspects of mental health so unfortunately there is not one perfect fix to improve our mental health. A toolbox of different tools or strategies can be more helpful so that we can use different tools for different aspects.

Here are some parts of a Mental Health ToolBox:


Any kind of movement can be beneficial for exercise, not always just vigorous exercise. 

Options include:

  • Walking or running
  • Strength
  • Organised sport
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Stretching
  • And playing! 

Our movement options in clinic include our Strength classes, Exercise and Reformer Pilates classes and Hydrotherapy classes. Give us a call to book in a discussion with either a Physio or Exercise Physiologist to join one of our fantastic exercise options!


Diet is another important factor in looking after both our physical and mental health as we need to be nourishing and fueling our body so that it has energy to work and play. Keeping our body hydrated, reducing caffeine intake (one or two coffees a day is okay!) and eating regular meals. Eating a balanced diet including a mix of fruit, vegetables, fats, carbs and protein but also some occasional treats or food that simply brings you joy. 

If you have questions regarding your diet we have an amazing dietitian in clinic


Mindfulness helps to bring our body into our rest and digest mode and take us out of fight and flight mode. 

Things such as practicing gratitude, writing down a list of things, people, places you are grateful for is a grounding task and has shown to help us recognise positive aspects of our life which can be difficult to do if we have poor mental health. 

Getting into nature without distractions of technology or social media is a great mindful activity. 

As well as meditation or breathwork being a more classic approach to mindfulness.

Massage is another great option for mindfulness or relaxation! 

We have amazing massage therapists in clinic who would be happy to help you and provide some relaxation for you!  


Spending time with family, friends or loved ones helps to bring balance to a busy lifestyle. Smiling and laughing with other people helps bring out our happy hormones! Social connection not only with our loved ones but also people in our communities or workplace or rehab clinic can help to fill our social cup. 


Getting sufficient sleep helps our body to rest and recover in order to function optimally throughout the day. Trying to not use devices before bed, maintain a regular sleep and waking time, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon or evening and getting sunlight in the morning after waking can help set up your body for quality sleep. 


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