Managing Arthritis with Massage

Image from iOSWhat is Arthritis?

Inflammation, the process that causes the redness and the swelling in your joints damage to joint tissues caused by the disease process or from wear and tear muscle strain caused by overworked muscles attempting to protect your joints from painful movements fatigue caused by the disease process which can make your pain seem worse and harder to handle.

In addition, the emotional ups and downs of arthritis may affect your pain. If you feel depressed and stressed, your pain may seem worse. You may get caught in a cycle of pain, depression and stress that makes everything seem harder to handle.

Pain does not have to be a part of daily life. By taking action to reduce pain, you may find that even routine tasks that have become difficult–like bending down or opening a jar–become easier.

Minimizing and Managing Pain using Massage:

  • Your mind plays an important role in how you feel pain and in how you respond to illness. People with arthritis often feel helpless and depressed about their condition. With these feelings come decreased activity poor self-esteem and increased pain. So, building a sense of control by adjusting your thoughts and actions is an important part of pain management.
  • Remedial Massage is 1 excellent way to bring Arthritis under control.
  • Regular Massage therapy using selected oils and Hot stone Therapy can have a positive impact on a client with Arthritis oils such as Ginger, Mustard, Cinnamon and Wintergreen all help to reduce inflammation and increase circulation thereby lowering a client’s inflammatory levels, increasing endorphins, and reducing cortisol brought on by stress
  • Massage using Hot Stone Therapy relaxes the muscles surrounding the inflamed joints and reduce the synovial fluid that is protects the joints.
  • As the pain levels drop and muscles relax, with the release of endorphins brings a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Hot and cold treatments. Using either heat or cold treatments can reduce the stiffness and pain of arthritis.

Cold packs numb the sore area. They are especially good for severe joint pain and swelling caused by a flare (a period during which disease symptoms return or become worse). Heat treatments relax your muscles. You can use dry heat methods such as a heating pad or heat lamp or moist heat methods, such as a bath or Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  • Pain and stress have similar effects on the body. Muscles become tight and breathing becomes fast and shallow. Heart rate and blood pressure go up. Relaxing can help you reverse these effects. It gives you a sense of control and well-being and makes it easier to manage pain whilst there is no cure for Arthritis, the use of regular Massages and specific oils to reduce inflammation, a healthy diet and weight bearing exercises, and medication can all contribute to less pain and an active Lifestyle .

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