5 Exercises that are Easy to do During Isolation

Having no access to gym facilities during isolation means we need to start utilizing our home as a gym. Continuing to stay active during this pandemic is crucial, remaining physically active can help support your immune system, mental health, and overall physical health.

Some exercise is still found to have benefits compared to nothing at all, so the goal is to stay active. You don’t need to have copious amounts of equipment to still achieve a great workout.

Here are 5 easy exercises you can do during isolation.

  • Squat
  • Shoulder press
  • Stationary lunge
  • Dead bug
    – variations include bent knees with a toe touch, bent knees to leg extension, straight legs.
  • Push up
    – variations include standard push up, knee push up, push up onto a bench or on a wall

To start off with aim for 12-15 reps of each movement, 2-3 sets of all the movements.

Making sure to have a break between each movement and before starting a new set. To increase the difficulty of these movements you can add weight or increase the reps and sets you complete. Remember you can use any item lying around your home if you do not have normal weights. An example could be using the canned sauce to replace dumbbells.

The videos below explain how to perform each exercise correctly and safely.

COVID-19 – Why exercise is more important than ever

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