Benefits of Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique of inactivating trigger points through the insertion of a needle into a tight band of muscle until a twitch response occurs. Trigger points are a common symptom of myofascial pain and are defined as a point within a taut/tight band of muscle that is tender/sore to touch. A trigger point can cause pain, weakness, range restriction and/or other symptoms at both its location and can refer pain to other regions within the body. Your physiotherapist can identify these trigger points for you in the clinic. Dry needling is mainly used to treat myofascial trigger points, but it is also used to target connective tissue, neural ailments, and muscular ailments. Research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, normalizes biochemical and electrical dysfunction of motor endplates, and facilitates an accelerated return to active rehabilitation. Other benefits of dry needling can include:

  1. Decreased muscle spasm and improved range of motion of muscles/joints
  2. Reduce pain
  3. Resolvement of radicular symptoms (e.g. sciatica and referred pain down leg/arm)
  4. Better recruitment and activation of appropriate muscles
  5. Improved muscle activation patterns (Meaning you can lift more weight in the gym/increase speed/improve performance!)
  6. Central Nervous system response at the level of the dry needling
  7. Alteration in chemical balance within the muscle (this can decrease sensations of pain and reduces muscular dysfunction)
  8. Relief of both acute and chronic pain
  9. Promote healing at the area of the injury
  10. Better relaxation/switching off in tight muscles

Renee Jaques
Studio X Phys

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