Do You Need to Take Supplements?

When you are walking down the chemist or supermarket aisles you may notice the hundreds of different supplements available. You can be forgiven for thinking you NEED supplements, but do you really?

So let’s break it down

Taking Supplements is a good idea for someone who has

  • A deficiency (e.g. iron deficient)
  • Additional needs (e.g. pregnant women)
  • Been prescribed a supplement by their doctor

However, when eating a balanced healthy diet there is usually no need for supplements

Your body works best to absorb nutrients from food sources. The doses of nutrients in tablets are often too much to absorb in one go  – hello bright green urine from malabsorbed vitamins.

If you choose food as your main source of vitamins and minerals this also means you get the additional fiber, protein, and antioxidants that the supplements rarely deliver. Choosing food first also means you can save some cash to spend on fresh fruit and vegetables!

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