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Devon Edmunds

Master Physiotherapist

Devon's Profile

Location: Hope Island

Hi, I’m Devon, an Accredited Physiotherapist who is truly passionate to help others progress and fulfil their goals. I am always up for a friendly chat and enjoy working with a diverse group of patients.

I am a Canadian who grew up as a “military brat” predominantly near an air force base in Cold Lake, Alberta. I developed a passion for trying new sports and always enjoyed making new connections throughout school. My time as an ice hockey, grid-iron football, and rugby union player all lead me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, majoring in Sports Performance. I went on to work as a personal trainer with a variety of clients across a wide age range. The amount of clients I saw with undiagnosed and untreated conditions eventually lead me to wanting to seek out further education to better help the people I work with. Naturally, I sought out the sunniest place on earth and completed my Master’s in Physiotherapy Studies at the University of Queensland.

Specialist areas:
I enjoy treating a wide variety of patients and still hold a passion for sport and strength/power-based training. I feel most effective at addressing low back and knee pain. I truly believe there is no condition too small or too large to address, and I look forward to a challenge.

Fun fact:
I am a massive nerd for anything and everything Lord of the Rings.

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