Devon Edmunds

Master Physiotherapist
Devon Edmunds Master Physiotherapist

Devon's Profile

Hi, I’m Devon, my main goal is to help people feel comfortable, confident and strong in their body. As an Accredited Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach I am constantly learning and improving myself to help achieve this.

I grew up in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. I developed a passion for sports there as an ice hockey, grid-iron football, and rugby union player. I completed a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, majoring in Sports Performance and went on to work as a personal trainer with a variety of clients across a wide age range. The amount of clients I saw with undiagnosed and untreated conditions eventually led me to wanting to seek out further education to better help the people I work with. Naturally, I sought out the sunniest place on earth and completed my Master’s in Physiotherapy Studies at the University of Queensland.

Specialist areas:
I enjoy treating a wide variety of patients and still hold a passion for sport and strength/power-based training. I feel most effective at addressing low back, neck pain/migraines, vestibular dizziness, & knee pain. I truly believe there is no condition too small or too large to address, and I look forward to a challenge.

Fun fact:
I have travelled to four different continents and still think that Australia is the hottest one by far.

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