Benefits of Cupping and Remedial Massage

Myofascial cupping or ‘cupping’ is a traditional treatment modality that is a form of myofascial release, it aims to restore optimum function to soft tissues including muscle, fascia, and tendons. Unlike manual forms of myofascial releases, such as remedial massage, which use downward pressure to reduce tension and stretch muscle fibers, cupping uses negative pressure, suction, or decompression techniques within a glass or plastic cup, to pull up, separate, and stretch connective tissue (fascia) and muscle tissue.

As the role of fascia and its importance to the functioning of muscles and the body as a whole is becoming more widely understood, so too is the need for an adequate assessment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and soft tissue treatment techniques.

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Some of the many benefits of cupping include:

  • Stretching tissue and increasing range of motion
  • Increases blood supply providing nutrients to tissue
  • Increases fluid movement, reducing edema
  • Reduces adhesions/knots within muscle fibers
  • Increases hydration in connective and muscle tissue
  • Lengthens and separates muscle and connective tissues
  • Helps prevent soft tissue injury
  • Supports the central nervous and autonomic nervous systems
  • Speeds up recovery from injury
  • Maintains soft tissue function.


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