What Are the Most Common Summer Injuries?

What are the most common summer Injuries?

Whether it’s chasing after those New Year’s goals, getting back into the summer sport and activities or just relaxing during the holidays, it’s important to watch out for those common summer injuries. These often include injuries to the shoulders, knees and lower back.

crossfit 534615 960 720 | StudioXPhysShoulder injuries are commonly seen as the weather heats up as people get back into the gym and pool to get beach body ready or back on the courts or course for a hit of tennis and golf. Shoulder bursitis and tendinopathies are common overuse injuries that can be the result of repetitive stress to the area. Similarly, knee injuries are commonly seen as people strive for that weight loss goal and increase their running/training load.

To avoid these injuries make sure to increase your training load gradually and avoid prolonged sessions, particularly early on in the summer. Aim to start with shorter, low-intensity training and increase the load, intensity, duration or frequency by no more than 10% each week. It is also important to build the strength and flexibility of regularly used muscle groups in your chosen activity with stretches and resistance exercise. The technique is another important aspect of picking up new sports and hobbies as poor biomechanics can increase stresses to certain parts of the joint leading to the onset of pain and discomfort.

Back pain is also commonly seen during the holidays but often for the opposite reason, as people get time off work and choose to spend some time sitting for long periods by the pool. To minimise the risk of developing lower back pain from inactivity, try to spend at least 30 minutes every day being active, whether it be a walk, swim, ride or yoga. Also ensure that if you are spending long periods sitting, that you have a chair with a good lower back support.


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