Is Coffee Bad for My Health?

Is Coffee Bad For My Health?

Ahhhh Coffee! In all honesty, it is my favorite type of beverage, so much so that in my graduating class I was voted as the person that drinks coffee like its a food group (trust me, I have the certificate to prove it!). So I felt that in order to justify my coffee addiction, I must use what research tells me!

Many people drink coffee for different reasons; whether it’s to get up in the morning, a 3:30itis pick me or a pre-workout for the gym, they all have their merits. Unfortunately, though some are more sensitive to caffeine than others and they can experience side effects such as; insomnia, anxiety or even stomach upsets. If this is you, you may need to re-evaluate the quantity or even the necessity of coffee or other caffeine-containing products in your life.

If however, you are a lucky one, I have some good news! Research in Canada has found that a moderate intake of caffeine intake does not increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis or cancer! Yay! So what actually is a moderate intake of caffeine you may ask. Aiming for less than 400mg of caffeine per day which is equivalent to three 250ml (8-ounce) cups of standard single shots coffee per day (this can vary from cafe to cafe).

So you can rest assured next time you reach for your morning cuppa joe that within the recommended dose, caffeine is perfectly okay to include into your normal routine!

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