Benefits of Strength Training for Golf

How can strengthening and conditioning help your golf game?

To best answer this we can quote a recent review in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning;

“Traditionally, golf practice has primarily focused on the mental, technical, and skill aspects as the primary means to improve performance. Only recently has a greater emphasis been placed on the physical components with balance, muscular strength, power, and specific muscle-tendon properties demonstrating positive associations with club head speed and carry distance.” – Sheehan et al. (2019)

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How else may this benefit you?

The aim of strength and conditioning is improving force generation from the hips and upper body while also improving the range of movement throughout the body to increase the power generated in a swing. While strength and conditioning may improve your game it may also reduce the likelihood of injury or reinjury. Exercise is often referred to as the best medicine and can have a large amount of benefits, some as simple as having more energy and walking more comfortably. While also improving or maintaining bone density, muscle mass and strength for activities essential to our day-to-day lives.

What else can I do to improve?

As we all know golf is still a multi-faceted sport and while directed strength and conditioning can help significantly. Most people will also need to improve their skills through practice/game play and specific technique coaching from any of the talented golf-pros your golf club has to offer. 

What does StudioXPhys have to offer?

StudioXPhys has the unique opportunity to have a physiotherapist lead holistic training program aimed at helping improve the way you move and by extension your golf game. Utilizing MedX and Keiser equipment in addition to some traditional free weight exercises we have developed a program which aims to help improve flexibility, balance, muscular strength, and power.

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